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I bought Ninebot Max from Leo

I bought Ninebot Max from Leo, he was really helpful with the purchase and delivery.
Love Ninebot Max so much, highly recommend TekTrendy


Couldn't be more happy with everything about the ninebot max..... Thank you Leo for the amazing customer service... Been a wonderful experience... So nice I bought it twice. 😁.... Great time booting around Toronto with my son.

Great experience AGAIN!

Second review for these guys in so many days. The last purchase was the ES commute, and this time is Max, which is only $100 more than the commute I got last time. (Wish they had this deal earlier!) We have heard so many good things about the segway Max scooter but always hesitant due to its $1000+ price range. This time we pulled the trigger as this model is only $899!!! It is definitely the best purchase I have ever made this year - the scooter is very powerful and sturdy to use. We have been using the two scooters for commute during the lockdown. The staff was very accessible and supportive online. The products they offer are high quality as advertised. We are very pleased with the service and purchase so far!

Segway Ninebot Max KickScooter - The Best!

While I haven't assembled the scooter yet, I'm confident that I'll be satisfied with this great city commuter. Segway! I'll probably need to wait until we have dry spring roads to use it regularly. The sale price was great and so was service! I was given some tips and tricks from sales staff at pickup as well. I was advised that the Scooter Handle Strap accessory I included in my order possibly works better with other scooters when folded down and was encouraged to try it and make my own decision about its usefulness. In case I choose to not use the strap, I was given the Scooter Phone Holder accessory as an extra gift along with the TekTrendy Scooter bag! I was also advised that it is simple to carry without folding the top 'L' bar which would save wear and tear on the folding mechanism. Thank you TekTrendy for the great service and free accessories too!

Great Scooter

I bought the Seqway ninebot max. It is so much fun. I have over 200kms on it already and just have had such enjoyment on it over the summer. Tek Trendy was very good to deal with as well. The reason for the 4* is that all 3 accessories I bought broke or didn't work well. The carrying handle slide and ripped on the second time lifting it, the phone holder is loud, rattles and doesn't stationary without regular tightening, and the carrier bag, while decent for carrying things, covers the front light so if you are out in the evening it can't be used.

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