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We are located in Toronto and we ship our products all across Canada. We offer fast and free shipping* and extensive warranty with dedicated customer support. Please note our store is currently not open, and our downtown location is only available for curbside pickup.

E-scooters have been launched in over 125 U.S. cities and are currently being allowed under pilot conditions in Waterloo Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. Starting January 1, 2020, a new pilot program has been started to permit e-scooters on Ontario roads. 

Currently, different provinces within Canada will have different laws in place to govern the use of single rider mobility devices. We would recommend you check with your local regulators to ensure you are following the laws. 

Starting January 1, 2020, a new pilot program will start in Ontario that will permit e-scooters on Ontario roads. Under this pilot program, the province has set out the broad rules and requirements for e-scooters such as helmet and minimum age requirements. It will be up to the individual municipalities to pass by-laws to allow their use and determine where they can operate most safety.

Ontario has also developed best practice guidelines to help municipalities safely integrate e-scooters in their communities. For the full list of pilot requirements, please see Ontario Regulation for Electric Kick-Scooters.

Setting up an electric scooter is super easy! All you have to do is screw in the neck, handlebars, press on, sync on the app and you are all good to go.

All of the instructions will be provided to you in the package. If you need any further support, please reach out to us and we would be extremely happy to help!

At TekTrendy, we always do our due diligence in the products we pick. For example, we have tested many e-scooters currently in the market such as Xiaomi M365, Ninebot ES2, Unagi and countless others. We finally picked the M365 Pro, ES4 and MAX based on a combination of key factors such as build quality, speed, range, driving experience and overall value for the customer.

We’re also proud to say that all of our scooters are official Segway or Xiaomi scooters. This means you are getting the highest quality products from industry leaders. 

Electric scooters are not designed to be used in wet conditions, including rain, snow or ice. If you do choose to use an electric scooter in wet conditions, you do run the risk of water damage (which could void your manufacturer warranty) as well as risk of injury.

We DO NOT recommend riding electric scooters under any bad weather conditions. In addition, we definitely recommend you check out our blog post How to Ride e-Scooter Like a Pro where we share important tips to increase your overall riding experience!

All purchasers and/or users of TekTrendy products are 100% personally liable for any damages caused and incurred to themselves or other individuals. TekTrendy is not responsible for any harm caused to the rider or a pedestrian. Please refer to TekTrendy's Limitation of Liability and Terms of Service for additional information.

Absolutely! If you have purchased the same product from us within 14 days since the price drop, we will be happy to provide you with a store credit. Simply e-mail us your name and original receipt to and we will provide you with a TekTrendy store credit equivalent to the difference that can be applied to any future purchase. Please note we do not match the price drop during our Flash Sale Event.

Absolutely! We offer the best high-level security for our website. Any personal or payment information on TekTrendy will be 100% safe and secure, you have our guarantee!

TekTrendy features built-in SSL Certificates that makes sure that any personal information are encrypted and can’t be tampered by cyber criminals. We are also PCI-DSS Compliant, meaning that TekTrendy is set up to accept any credit card payments in line with any legal regulations.

We accept all following payment methods: Debit Credit Card, Interac Email Transfer and cash payment.

Product Related

All our scooters have between 30 km to 65 km range depending on the model. Generally, this range means that the average e-scooter user will only need to charge their scooter every few days unless they are planning a long-distance trip. Please note that scooters will generally reduce the maximum speed at low battery levels to help preserve the remaining battery life.

From our riding experience, the ES Commute, ES4 and M365 Pro will get you around 15 - 35km, and the MAX will get you around 30 - 50km range depends on your weight, riding style (modes) and terrain. We don’t recommend charging after each ride to conserve battery longevity.

On your speedometer, there is a battery level indicator. You can quickly gauge how much battery you have left based on the number of bars. When you get down to one bar, you should consider recharging. Keep in mind as the battery gets low you may also experience a drop in performance.

Yes, this is another great feature of the e-scooters we chose. The scooters will recharge themselves while you’re rolling without pressing the accelerator. Depending on your settings, you can adjust the recharge level (weak, medium and strong) in the app.

Each e-scooter that we offer has three modes: Eco, Standard and Sport mode, each with a different maximum speed. The general tip is to use Eco mode for long distances and Sport mode for speed. The Standard mode is what we used the most, which is a balance of both distance and speed.

Having the light on can also drain the scooter's battery. Tap the power button to turn the light on or off. We strongly recommend turning it on at night or in the dark/dim environments regardless of the performance, mainly for safety reasons!

Please check out our handy scooter buying guide. This handy guide will do over all the key characteristics of each scooter and will help you decide on what scooter is the best choice for you!

This should provide you with all the information you need on each individual electric scooter. If your question is not answered with our guide, please contact us at and we would be happy to help!

This is an easy fix - you have to mark your are in Europe and not Canada. We're unsure why, but this small change always works.

Absolutely! All of our e-scooters can be easily folded, clipped and carried around - all within three seconds! If you do feel a bit of strain carrying the scooters, or you are planning to carry them over a long distance, we recommend you get a handle strap.

Use your best judgment, but our general recommendation is follow the local laws and always make sure they are at least 16+. Also, always wear a helmet and be under an adult’s supervision at all times. 

100kg is the maximum recommended weight, however, we have tested all our scooters at heavier than 100kg and it has worked fine, but for those that are over 100kg and still want to purchase, please keep this in mind that your scooter may not perform at its top speed and/or distance.

Yes, of course! All our E-scooters come with built in shock absorption (ES4 and ES Commute) or pneumatic (air-filled) tires for the M365 Pro and MAX. You may however feel some bumps depending on how fast you are going, the size of the bump and the roughness of the terrain.

The Max has vacuum inflatable tires and offers the best suspension of all three models from our experience.

For individuals new to electric scooters, here are a couple tips to help you have an enjoyable experience:

• Do not ride your scooter too fast if you are a beginner and always follow the local laws and speed limits.

• Stick to the side of the designated paths whenever possible. The electric scooter is not designed to replace a car on the road.

• Be alert – look out for cars coming out of driveways or on adjacent streets.

• Try to avoid headphones when using an e-scooter as this could reduce awareness of overall road and traffic conditions.

Shipping & Delivery

We aim to process all the orders within 24 hours.

Across Canada, shipping generally takes between 3 to 10 business days, depending on province. Orders within Ontario are expected to arrive within 3 business days after the payment has been received.

We always try our best to offer expedited delivery services with a tracking number.

We are working hard with our delivery partners to make weekend delivery seamless. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, we currently offer shipping all across Canada for any order over $99. Unfortunately, we currently do not ship outside of Canada but we will one day ☺

Absolutely. Your scooter is way too valuable to be left at the doorstep unattended. If you would like to change that (i.e. if you have a concierge), you can contact the carrier directly once you receive the tracking number from us, and make the necessary arrangements. Most of them will agree to leave the package at your own risk.

Return & Warranty

We offer up to 1 year warranty for all our e-scooters. Please see our Warranty Policy for more details on what is covered and how the warranty process works.

We do offer repair services ONLY to our products within the warranty period. Please send us a request at with your name and order number.

Unfortunately we don’t cover the warranty if the product is resold to any other third party.

Customer support

Our LiveChat is available 7 days/week to answer your questions. 

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