Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Buying an electric scooter can be a big decision. With so many different models and criteria to choose from in Canada, it can be extremely tricky to decide on which one to pick. 

But never fear, TekTrendy is here to help! As experts in this industry, we can tell you there is no “best” e scooter. But we can guide you to figure out what scooter works the best for you, your lifestyle as well as the benefits you get.

As a premium electric scooter and electronics store in Toronto, we rigorously test our selected scooter to ensure they are durable and made from top quality materials to ensure the highest quality and safety. 

Out of all the features to consider, we believe the most important ones to focus on are:

1) Speed and maximum range,

2) Full-charging time,

3) Power and quality of ride,

4) Safety and

5) Durability

As you read more about each scooter and its unique features below, here are some questions that we think can be very useful to help guide your buying decision.

  1. What will you mainly use your scooter for? If you are using it for commuting, speed and distance will need to be considered.
  2. How often do you plan on using it? If you’re using it for spontaneous trips, you might want to factor in charging time in your decisions as well.
  3. Will you be using the scooter for trips, trails, hikes or going across hills or bumpy roads? If so, power and quality of ride (i.e. type of tire, suspension or incline) will be important as well.



Ninebot ES4

“Designed for Performance”

Segway Ninebot ES4

The award-winning Ninebot ES 4 is designed to provide a comfortable riding experience for riders with higher performance than its ES 2 predecessor. Featuring a maximum speed of 30km/h, a range of 45km and a full-charge time of 7 hours, the ES 4 is both a great vehicle to have fun and travel with while also being an economical way to commute to work or school.

It can climb up somewhat steep hills (15° hill gradient) and features a powerful suspension system that helps to absorb shocks when riding. Also, the ES 4 has many unique features such as its solid tires that can travel across rough terrain, its quick and easy 1-step folding design, ambulant and customizable lights and additional safety features that include a fender (back wheel) brake system.

In our opinion, we believe the Ninebot ES 4 is best for riders who are comfortable with using an electric scooter but wants higher performance or is planning to commute in areas where the tires can get punctured very easily. It is the best selling electric scooter in Canada so far.


Xiaomi M365 Pro

“The All-Purpose Scooter”

Xiaomi M365 Pro

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is the next evolution of the best-selling Xiaomi M365. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot award, the M365 Pro offers a modern and minimalistic design with a lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry around. With a maximum speed of 25km/h, a range of 45km and a full-charge time of 9 hours, the M365 Pro is a great scooter for beginners and an excellent vehicle for urban transportation and exploring the city.

The M365 Pro can move across bumps and climb up hills (20° hill gradient) and comes with a double brake system that has both regenerative and disc brakes. Additionally, the M365 Pro also comes with pneumatic (air-filled) tires that add additional cushion to the ride and will have a bell and a physical hand brake similar to a bicycle that makes learning how to ride an M365 Pro very easy and intuitive.

We believe the Xiaomi M365 Pro to be best for beginners who are new to electric scooters or individuals who are looking for an upgrade of Xiaomi M365. 


Ninebot Max

“Built for Adventure”

Segway ES MAXThe Ninebot ES Max is Ninebot’s newest top of the line electric scooter designed for the truly adventurous Electric Scooter fanatics. With a maximum speed of 30 km/h, a range of 65 km, a charge time of only 6 hours and state of the art design and technology, the ES Max is the perfect combination of the M365 Pro and the ES 4 and an excellent choice for any purpose.

This scooter can climb up hills and go over bumps with ease (20° hill gradient) and features larger tubeless pneumatic tires with self-healing capabilities that make your ride incredibly stable, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps. The ES Max also features a bigger base plate size to stand on to increase your comfort, has a built-in charger to add convenience, uses a dual brake system and is IPX54 water-resistant, unlike other scooters, to ensure you are riding comfortably and securely over the long term.

The Ninebot ES Max is great for any electric scooter rider, especially for riders who love adventure and will use Electric Scooters wherever they go, whether for commuting, travelling or sightseeing.





For every happy customer, we’ve asked so far, the main reason they love their electric scooter is simple: CONVENIENCE! All the scooters we currently offer are designed to be lightweight, foldable and easy to carry around, so you can use them wherever you go!

We’ve had customers use them to commute to work every single day, customers who use them to do activities like shopping and buying groceries and customers who use them to visit friends with ease.

Better yet, using an electric scooter means you don’t need to find any parking spots or wasting time in public transit, such as TTC delay or traffic jam. Simply lock it up outside or fold and easily carry your scooter around with you as you go about your day. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, we believe electric scooter is the best alternative for Torontonian to get groceries without using the public transit. 


More flexibility to travel in the city!

One common misconception that people have of electric scooters is that they move slowly. We have to say that it is completely FALSE. All of our scooters offer the ability to go up to 30km/h depending on the model, which from our experience, is more than enough to get you to where you want to go in a short amount of time.

If we also factor in the flexibility of electric scooters and its ability to travel in many areas and terrains that other vehicles can’t enter (like cars or busses), electric scooters can be a great choice to get around in local areas. This could include things like riding through a path in a park to travelling on bike lanes during busy traffic, there are endless possibilities! Just make sure to follow your local laws and regulations on where you can ride :)


Electric Scooters are affordable and SAVE you $$$ in the long run!

On average, electric scooters generally are priced around the $500 - $1000 range. On the surface, it seems like a high cost, but when you break it down, it’s actually a great investment compared to other stuff. ($1000 Canada Goose, $2000 iPhone 11 Max or Tesla 3, which offers 10x range but cost 100x $$$ more, you name it) 

Other than getting a helmet and bell for your electric scooter, there are very minimal ongoing costs. All of our electric scooters have a long-range and since it charges based on electricity, the cost of fully charging your scooter is pretty low. 

Compare this to the cost of gas, insurance and constant maintenance a car requires or the high costs of using public transit or TTC on a daily basis; you can see how the electric scooter practically pays for itself. 



We know that buying an electric scooter is not a small decision to make. Not only is it a significant investment but it also will help shape your daily life and potentially even change your lifestyle. For that reason, we want to make sure that you can buy the scooter that is the best fit for you and will suit your daily needs. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, we also offer scooter test-runs that can be booked here: Electric Scooter Test Ride.


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