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Language barriers are a common issue for many people living in Canada and having to communicate with someone in a different language can be a frustrating experience. If you’re an ESL or International Student, a newcomer or immigrant to Canada, a frequent traveller, a business professional or a language enthusiast, having a translator can be extremely useful in your daily life.


We know choosing the right translator can be a tough decision. With so many different models, features and capabilities, it can be extremely tricky to find one that works for you. At TekTrendy, we are proud to be the first authorized Canadian store that offers the WT2 Plus AI Real-Time Translator Earbuds, one of the best instant language translators available in the market today.


WT2 Plus is the first translator entirely natural for people to use. Equipped with the most advanced AI technology, this powerful translator can simultaneously record and translate up to 40 different languages and 93 accents with 95% accuracy. Your voice, your glance and your body language can now be expressed in a way the world has never seen before.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Language Translator?

Who can benefits from using language translator

The WT2 Plus is a great AI translator and can be a beneficial tool for anyone to have. In particular, there are six groups of people that will especially benefit from investing in the most accurate instant language translator. They are 1) Travellers, 2) ESL Students, 3) International Students, 4) Newcomers to Canada, 5) Business Professionals and 6) Language Enthusiasts!


Travellers: For anyone interested in travelling to an area where you don’t speak the native language, the WT2 Plus is a great tool to give you an additional level of control and comfort. Simply connect the earbuds, pick the languages and quickly communicate with locals without any hassle. Long gone are the days of relying on online tools (i.e. Google Translate) or having to carry around a dictionary or translation guide just to be able to talk to others in another language.


ESL Students: Students currently enrolled in the ESL Program can drastically improve their ability to learn English by investing in a WT2 Plus, which allows the user to see and hear both English and their native language at the same time. By combining traditional ESL education with a tool that can easily give them immediate feedback on whether they are saying the right words or understanding the right phrases, individuals can quickly understand the words they got right and where they can improve in the future. To see a real-life example of AI translators helping ESL students, read the story of Sara, a reading specialist, who successfully helped an ESL student fluent in Mandarin named James, quickly improve his English speaking and comprehension abilities with the use of an AI translation tool.


International Students: One of the biggest challenges of international students studying abroad is the language barrier. We often hear of students who were caught off guard by slang words and several words describing one thing, despite studying the language before arriving in the country. Most international students like to adapt to a new environment and make new friends, but often are too shy or scared to approach given the language barrier. For these students, the WT2 Plus will help give you the confidence to communicate with others without any stress and making your experience studying abroad that much more fun and exciting.


Newcomers: For newcomers to Canada, we know it can be a stressful experience in sorting out your paperwork, finding a home and looking for employment, just to name a few. Overlooking all these activities is the challenge of learning English. Luckily, the WT2 Plus can make the immigration experience for newcomers to Canada drastically easier by removing any language barriers. Now they can easily translate English into their native language or vice-versa to communicate effectively, which can make them adapt to a new culture smoothly. 


Business Professionals: Nowadays, business is taking place across the globe. Having the ability to communicate with your peers, clients or customers in different countries without having to rely on someone to translate for you can drastically improve your day to day productivity. Simply use the Speaker or Touch mode in order to seamlessly communicate with your counterparts. For those intimate or complex business discussions, leverage the Simul Mode and chat with your business counterpart as if there was no language barrier between both of you.


Language Enthusiasts & Youtuber: Lastly, for individuals looking to learn a new language, whether for fun, for travelling or to get better understand a new culture, such as k-pop fans, the WT2 Plus can be a great addition to maximize your personal learning experience. Not only can it be paired with other language learning apps to help you learn faster, but also the WT2 Plus also provides you with immediate feedback so you can quickly learn the correct way of saying certain phrases. After a few months, we’d imagine you’d be extremely fluent in the language that you’re learning!

Key Advantages Of WT2 Plus AI Translation EarbudsBenefits of WT2 AI Instant Language Translator | TekTrendy

The WT2 Plus truly is one of the best AI translation devices in the market today. With a combination of quick, accurate real-time translations, built-in cutting edge technology and a convenient travel case, the WT2 Plus is the perfect language translator for any situation.


Quick, Accurate Real-Time Translation: Compared to other AI translation devices on the market, the WT2 Plus gives users the unique ability to have real-time, accurate conversations that feel natural with others instead of relying on tools like Google Translate or translators that act similar to using a walkie-talkie.


International Award-Winning Design: The WT2 Plus is an innovative AI language translator that can simultaneously record and translate up to 40 different languages and 93 accents, covering almost 95% of the world’s population. For users, it offers a stylish design that can double as a fashion accessory, similar to the Apple Airpods and is equipped with its 1+2 technology which only requires one easy setup to access all available translation methods.


Built With Cutting-Edge Technology: The WT2 Plus leverages a unique signal processing technology that features adaptive noise cancellation to deliver the best possible voice experience for the user without any background noise distractions. With its true wireless Bluetooth connection and auto voice detection and pickup, users can get stable, realistic conversations across all languages in any environment.


Offers Three Comprehensive Translation Modes: The WT2 Plus comes with three different modes (Simul, Touch and Speaker Mode) that are each suitable for various situations and environments, such as whether you are in a quiet or loud place. These options ensure you are able to completely meet your translation needs no matter the situation.


Easy To Use And Setup: The app is simple and well designed, with the pairing of the earbuds only taking a few seconds to setup. The WT2 Plus earbuds will automatically appear in the app once taken out of the box. Simply log into the app, pair the earbuds, select the translation mode and the languages you want to be translated and you’re ready to start having a conversation. For those with any difficulties, the app also includes a helpful demo video as well as offering dedicated customer support in case there are any questions.


Convenient and Travel Friendly: The case for the WT2 Plus is about the size of a MacBook power brick and fits comfortably in luggage, carry-ons, laptop bags, purses or coat pockets. The case is magnetic, very convenient to carry around and easily splits apart and can put back together easily to prevent any losses. The WT2 Plus case doubles as a storage case for the earbuds as well as a charging case, making it extremely convenient to bring to any trip or event.


Long Battery Life With Quick Charging: Each of the earbuds can get around 5 hours of active time, depending on the mode used and will only take around 1.5 hours to fully charge. Plus the charging case allows up to 15 hours of total charging time and features fast charging, so you can be sure the WT2 Plus has you covered for any language translation situation in the future.


Conversation History, Offline Mode & More: The WT2 Plus Earbuds and the accompanying app have a number of other great benefits, including the ability to keep a log of translated conversations, allowing you to easily refresh your memory on past events. Just recently, the WT2 Plus also introduced a new Offline Mode to enable users to utilize every bit of WT2 Plus everywhere in the world. Lastly, the WT2 Plus offers dedicated customer support, so you have full confidence that if you have any questions, you will have someone there to help!


Overview of the WT2 Plus AI Translator Earbuds

How to use WT2

The WT2 Plus AI Realtime Translator Earbuds are the world’s 1st AI-powered translation earbuds and the next generation of language translators available in the market today. Featuring a pair of Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds, the WT2 Plus easily syncs with your phone and can deliver near real-time bi-directional language translation with incredible accuracy, all in one simple and convenient carrying case that can be split apart for easy sharing.


Compared to other translators available in the market today, the WT2 Plus offers users the ability to record and translate up to 40 different languages, including French, Spanish, Mandarin, German and Russian with continuous updates to a number of languages, accents and accuracy. In addition, WT2 Plus has also partnered with major technology companies like Google, Microsoft and iFlytek to enable smart translation, switching between different cloud engines to ensure you get the best translation services available depending on your local area.


Unlike many other translators that rely on a walkie-talkie style to enable translations, the WT2 Plus comes with three different modes suitable for any situation and users can leverage it’s advanced “Simul Mode” to give users an immersive conversion experience that feels so lifelike that users won’t even feel the translator is even there.


All in all, the WT2 is a best-in-class AI translator that delivers accurate, real time translations in most languages and comes in a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to bring with you for use, when and wherever you go!

How To Use The WT2 Plus Translator 

WT2 3 Translation Modes | TekTrendy

Before you get started, you will need to connect your WT2 Plus earbuds to your smartphone in order to use them. Download the WT2 Plus app from the Play Store or App Store. Charge the earbuds in the pod and connect each earbud to the app using Bluetooth and select language for bi-directional translation. You will need to set both languages using the app.


The WT2 Plus AI Translator includes three different modes, all designed for different environments so you will always be able to use your translator at any time. Keep in mind that it's easy to switch between modes if one isn’t working for your specific situation.


Simul Mode: Simultaneous or “always-on” mode is specifically designed for quieter environments and best suitable for two people who are having a natural conversation in different languages. In this mode, give the guest earbud to your conversation partner. Each user will use an earbud and one person will speak non-stop. As the individual speaks, the translation will playback in real-time through the non-speaker’s earbuds for a seamless listening experience. 


Touch Mode: Touch Mode is specifically designed for any busy or noisy environment where you don’t want the earbuds picking up and translating background noise. Like the simul mode described above, you will need to give your conversation partner the “guest earbud”, which is marked with a small line over the text bubble icon. To start, simply tap-and-hold the side of the earbud (marked with a fingerprint logo) to initiate translations. Each of the speakers will take turns touching the earbud to tell it you’re talking, similar to communicating using a walkie talkie.

As a pro tip, speaking slowly, using simple sentences, taking pauses and avoiding slang words during speaking will ensure the fastest and accurate translations in simul mode. In addition, avoiding slang words can also help to improve overall accuracy in translation.


Speaker Mode: Speaker Mode is designed for situations where only one person is mainly speaking and is an excellent solution for tourists travelling abroad. To speak to others, simply select Speaker Mode and start talking - the earbud will play the translation through the phone’s speaker for the other person. The individual can then respond easily through your phone’s interface. To listen, the speaker will simply speak and your earbud will automatically activate the voice pickup and begin recording the conversation. This mode is also handy if you have multiple groups of people who want to understand and communicate with someone or if you or your speaking partner feel uncomfortable with sharing the earbud.


BEST PRACTICE: When communicating with someone else, it’s a best practice to place your phone in a location that both parties can see. Sometimes the online translation services can be a hit or miss, especially how they choose to translate you. So it can be extremely beneficial to have the screen in between you as you chat so you both can see what the machine thinks you said before translation.

Experience Using the WT2 Plus WT2 AI Translator Unboxing

Unboxing Experience: One noticeable thing right out the gate was that the WT2 Plus comes in a nicely designed package, which includes the charging case and earbuds, micro-USB cable and set of different sizes wing-tips and ear-hooks for additional stability. Everything is packaged nicely and wingtips & ear hooks are carefully wrapped to prevent any damage.


The charging case had a nice glossy finish which made it tough to leave fingerprint smudges and overall was very well designed. The magnets were strong enough that the two parts wouldn’t come apart easily but were easy enough to split into two for sharing. To determine how much charge you have left, the charging case comes with WT indicators that flash multiple times depending on the amount of remaining battery left.


Setting up the app: Overall, we found the setup process extremely easy, as many reviews online pointed out. We downloaded the Time kettle app from the App Store (also available on the Google Play store for Android users; you will need iOS 11 or above or Android Nugget 4.2 or above). Next, we simply took out the earbuds and it connected to the app easily. They gave us a quick rundown on how everything works and had a demo video which was useful.

WT2 Language Translator Easy Setup

Testing Experience: Using the earbuds was intuitive and straightforward. We went to the app, selected the languages we were working with, the translation mode and it was ready to be used. One benefit that really stood out to us personally, outside the quick and accurate translations, was that it offered up to 93 different accents for 40 languages. Having this ability meant if your accent was included, which we found for most was the case, it would help to increase the accuracy, even more, making the translation a lot more fluid.


During our tests, we tried English with a variety of languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin and Russian and we were quite surprised on how accurate it was, with most of our translation tests in between the 90% to 95% accuracy range, similar to other reviewers such as ZDNet. Our experience was when we spoke slowly, made sure to emphasize each word and number and kept the words more simple, the accuracy was almost spot on.


When we went to more complex sentences or spoke faster, the occasional word would get left out or some of the translations would be slightly off, but overall the quality of the translation was great. One feature that we really liked was if we forgot to add certain words, such as saying “I go to store”, the WT2 AI would actually manually correct this so it would give us the translation of “I will go to the store” instead, which was unexpected and very impressive!


Below, we’ve also included an additional Youtube review about the WT2 Plus from other professional reviewers so you see the benefits of this powerful AI translator for yourself:  

Overall, as many reviewers have mentioned, if you're looking for a solid AI language translator, the WT2 Plus is the one to get. It comes with real-time translation modes, quick and accurate translations, supports languages that cover 95% of the total population.


The WT2 Plus AI Real-Time Translator Earbuds are the next generation of AI language translators that inspire and encourage people to transcend language barriers through near real-time bi-directional language with incredible accuracy. They offer quick and accurate translations, three different conversation modes for any situation and cutting edge noise cancellation technology all in one convenient carrying case that also functions as a charger.


For newcomers to Canada, ESL & International Students, Travellers, Business Professionals and Language Enthusiasts, the WT2 Plus can be a great addition to your life and help you to feel confident and comfortable communicating with anyone regardless of language.

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