Electric Scooters Help Canadians During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ontario reported another 1,575 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, a third straight record-high day for the province. The new cases push the seven-day average of daily cases to 1,299, the highest it has been since the first confirmed case of the illness was reported in Ontario in late January.

With the recent surge in the second wave of COVID-19 in Canada, there are many concerns about commute safety, such as Subway, TTC, Uber, etc. Electric scooters can be seen as one of the best alternatives to get around the city during this pandemic. They can help you with social distancing, make it easy to pick up groceries, food and needed supplies, and are a much more effective tool of commuting with reduced risk of exposure. What's more, it is the best time to get an electric scooter for yourself as it is a solitary exercise like bikes, but it is more powerful and can save you time and money in the long run.

How Electric Scooters Can Be Helpful During This Crisis?

Social Distancing by Commuting Safer and Better

We’ve heard the phrases. Keep at least six feet (or two meters) away from others. Maintain social distancing. We all need to contribute to help solve this crisis, and electric scooters are one easy way to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Electric scooter is a solitary exercise that keeps you safely distant from other people and things that other people might have touched as studies have shown Coronavirus can live for a while on many surfaces. 

When you look at other common ways of commuting in Toronto, it’s easy to see how electric scooters stand out. It’s much better than taking public transportation, especially with the number of people going in and out and a higher chance of having a TTC delay or Go Train delay. 

Compared to walking, it’s faster, more convenient and minimizes the amount of time you are in one place, which can reduce the chance of infection. Even compared to biking, electric scooters are more convenient and flexible to get to where you want to go, without having to expend large amounts of energy, which helps you and your immune system to prepare and build resilience.

Makes it easy to get groceries, food and supplies

Having an electric scooter can also make it easy and convenient for you to get much-needed food and supplies without all the hassle, especially if you don’t have access to a car. Electric scooters, especially the ones sold by TekTrendy, are extremely durable and made from the industry leaders. Their high-performance capabilities make it extremely easy for you to get from point A to point B, and you can simply roll your scooter inside the store to pick up your needed items. Another option is to fold your scooter easily and carry it around with you. 

As an added benefit, we know how hard this Coronavirus has hit the local businesses. So by using an electric scooter, it also makes it easy to support your local business by easily being able to pick up take-out from your favourite restaurant and scoot back to your home with ease (and of course, following the appropriate social distancing protocols).

Final thoughts

Coronavirus is a very serious matter and we all need to do our part to ensure that we take care of ourselves, our families and friends and keep social distance to help reduce the rate of infection. With many of the traditional transportations no longer being a good alternative, we think using an electric scooter is the best way to commute in Toronto.

Why Should You Choose TekTrendy?

Fast and Free Shipping: Despite the Coronavirus, we continue to ensure that we take the appropriate precautions to make sure that your scooter order is handled safely and will get to your address promptly.

Next Day Pickup*: We are happy to offer a faster pickup option if you are located in Toronto. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from existing customers, and we will practice important social distancing measures at our downtown store.

Dedicated Customer Support And Always Available: We are electric scooter enthusiasts and are always happy to provide advice and support to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Feel free to chat with us online, we are just one click away!

Proudly Local Business: We are proud Torontonians and are happy to bring the best value electric scooters in the market to our fellow Canadians!

I’m Interested, Where Can I Start?

If you are interested in learning more about how electric scooters can benefit you in Toronto, we highly recommend checking out our newest blog 4 Ways An Electric Scooter Can Benefit You In Toronto. At TekTrendy, we currently offer three carefully selected electric scooters that we think are some of the best in the marketplace today. They are the Xiaomi M365 Pro and Ninebot ES 4 and Ninebot Max. You can also read more about each of their features on their product pages or through our blog Electric Scooter Buying Guide and Benefits.

If you have any questions, the best way to reach us is through our live chat feature on our website, we always happy to help! :)

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