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As summer approaches and local governments begin to relax lockdown restrictions, have you thought about how you will get around in the near future? Public transportation comes to mind, but would you feel comfortable taking them? Driving or Uber are other options, but as more people go out, it’ll be much harder to navigate around. Biking is also great but lacks portability. 

As a socially-distanced transportation option, electric scooters will be the perfect tool to get around with their combination of performance, portability and usability! E scooters like the Xiaomi M365 Pro or ones made by Segway such as the Ninebot ES4 or Ninebot Max, are all excellent alternatives to the traditional ways of travelling around, such as public transportation, driving and other micro-mobility vehicles like bikes and e bikes.

Why Invest In An Electric Scooter?

First, an e-scooter is light and very portable, allowing you to easily get to wherever you want to go. It also offers good performance and can travel up to 65km with one single charge, making it suitable for any short to mid-range commute. Finally, it is low cost and low maintenance, not requiring any parking, gas, fare costs or insurance, making it the best micro-mobility vehicle available today and a great investment for your future.

Who Can Use The Electric Scooter

Canada Electric Scooter Users

In reality, everyone can benefit from using an electric scooter but there are four key groups of people that we believe will get value from having an e scooter. They are 1) Students, 2) Young Professionals, 3) Outdoor Enthusiasts and 4) Families.


Students: The large campuses and flat roads make electric scooters the best way to quickly and easily get to school from your home as well as get around campus. Simply scoot to your destination, fold and carry it into your class, restaurant, store or your residence. If you live far away, combine e scooters with public transportation to make your daily commute easier and more fun!


Young Professionals: As everyone returns back to work, investing in an electric scooter can make your commute much more efficient - no more waiting for public transportation, getting stuck in traffic or having to rely on Uber just to get around. And for those who typically ride a bike to work, now you can easily get to work without working up a sweat (which is especially great for those who go to work in a suit!).


Outdoor Enthusiast: For those individuals who love adventure and exploring the great outdoors, an electric scooter can be a great addition to bikes. Interested in going for a hike? Exploring a local park? Checking out your new campground? Simply use the scooter to get you there, lock it up and enjoy your adventure, completely hassle-free.


Families: An electric scooter is a perfect complement to ensure you are fully covered for any short, medium and long-distance trip. Whether you are going out for a stroll, visiting nearby attractions or going to a cottage, having an electric scooter means more flexibility exploring nature and more fun… how’s that for a family vacation?

Difference between the Xiaomi M365 Pro, Ninebot ES 4 and Ninebot Max

Each e-scooter has its unique benefits and downsides, so make sure you choose one that best fits your lifestyle and preferences! Below, we take a deep dive into three of the most popular premium electric scooters that we offer.

Ninebot Max

Ninebot Max | TekTrendy Canada

The Ninebot ES Max is a premium electric scooter built for adventurous individuals and is well suited for long and comfortable rides. It offers customers a reliable and durable commute solution that is also designed for minimal maintenance and longevity.


Compared to the Xiaomi M365 Pro or Ninebot ES4, the Ninebot Max offers a significant improvement in battery life, larger wheels, premium build quality, a more effective braking system and enhanced riding comfort. While it is the most expensive among the three options, riders get the best in class performance and with benefits well worth the additional cost.


Best-in-class Performance & Battery Life: To start, the Ninebot ES Max has a max speed of 30km/h and the ability to go up to a total distance of 65km (around 30-60km in real-life testing depends on the mode, weight, road condition and temperature). It has the fastest charging capacity, being able to fully charge within 5 to 6 hours. One key differentiator of the ES Max is that the motor is located in the rear versus the front, which is better for acceleration, stability and braking. In terms of hill climbing, the ES Max is able to climb up 20 degree inclines with ease, putting it at a similar level to the Xiaomi M365 Pro.


To better understand the performance capabilities of the Ninebot ES Max, a user actually raced the ES Max against a premium Audi TT car in a stimulated commuter journey (3.7 miles). While the Audi TT car just narrowly beat the ES Max in the end, if this test was done during normal work hours, the ES Max would have won hands down… just think about that for a second!


Larger Wheels For More Comfortable Riding Experience: The Ninebot ES Max comes with 10-inch pneumatic (air-filled) tires, making it easier to go over small obstacles and gaps and giving the riding an extremely comfortable riding experience, despite the lack of suspension. The Ninebot ES Max also has the battery on the bottom of the scooter, which better protects it from damage and increases overall stability. Plus, both tires come with self-healing technology, making it less susceptible to punctures and reduces the need for tire maintenance.


Enhanced Braking Features For Additional Safety: Unlike other electric scooters, the Ninebot ES Max comes with both a front drum brake and rear electric brake which engages at the same time when pressing the brake, reducing the distance needed to stop. Additionally, the rear electric brake activities automatically at high speeds, which helps keep speed manageable, especially if you’re going downhill. From actual tests, the ES Max had a much shorter stop time than the ES4 and M365 Pro, which means more maneuverability and safety! 


High-Quality Design: The Ninebot ES Max is carefully designed and crafted using high-quality materials. Parts that are susceptible to damage, such as the front drum brake and folding mechanism have been upgraded to reduce breakage. While the ES Max’s design does sacrifice some nimbleness, the rider ensures they get high quality and comfortable e scooter solution.


Built-In Charger, Convenient Bell and More: One small but useful feature is that the Ninebot ES Max comes with a built-in charger, meaning you only have to carry a small cable around anytime you need to charge your scooter. Users will also get access to an easy to use attached bell, IPX5 water resistance and a bright high-mounted front LED light when riding in the dark. 

Xiaomi M365 Pro

Xiaomi M365 Pro | TekTrendy Canada

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is one of the world’s most popular electric scooters and the best fit for the first time e scooter users. From our experience, the M365 Pro is a great micro-mobility vehicle for urban transportation and offers the perfect combination of comfort, performance and price. 


Compared to the Ninebot ES4 or ES Max, the Xiaomi M365 Pro offers comparable performance metrics, good battery range, is extremely easy to use (beginner-friendly), has great riding comfort, a good braking system and a stylish design. While it is the cheapest among the three options, the M365 Pro provides great value for its price. 


Great Performance and Battery Life: The Xiaomi M365 Pro provides a maximum speed of 25km/h and the ability to go up to a maximum distance of 45km (around 35km in real-life testing). In terms of charging, the M365 Pro takes around 8-9 hours to fully charge. One stand-out benefit of the M365 Pro is that it is similar to the ES Max, allowing the rider to climb up to 20-degree hill grades, meaning it can take on most uphill climbs on your daily commute.


Comfortable Riding Experience: The M365 Pro comes with 8.5-inch pneumatic (air-filled) tires that help to add additional cushion and makes it easy to go over bumps and cracks, even without any suspension. The M365 Pro also features wider and higher handlebars, a bigger deck and better geometry, which allows this scooter to be extremely nimble in maneuvering in traffic but at the same time offer a comfortable and stable riding experience.


Very Easy To Use: One of the biggest benefits is that the Xiaomi M365 Pro is that it is extremely easy to use and very beginner-friendly. The M365 Pro comes with an attached bell and a physical hand brake similar to a bicycle, making learning how to ride it very intuitive. Plus, it offers sturdy and comfortable design, 8.5-inch wheels for easy maneuverability and a dual braking system that offers safety and comfort while making it easy to pick up for new riders.


Efficient Braking System: The Xiaomi M365 Pro offers an effective dual brake system that combines a front regenerative brake and rear mechanical disc brake, both of which are activated at the same time by pressing the brake lever. In addition, like the ES Max, the battery is also located on the bottom of the scooter, which increases stability and makes it easier to keep the balance for the rider (which is important especially for beginners or new scooter users) 


Stylish Design: Lastly, the M365 Pro sports a sleek and stylish design with its black frame and striking red accents. As a winner of the Red Dot award, you can be sure that you will get a stylish yet minimalist scooter that will make you look cool everywhere you go.

Ninebot ES 4

Ninebot ES4 | TekTrendy Canada

The Ninebot ES4 is a well-balanced electric scooter built for those looking for a balance between performance, range and portability. The ES4 offers riders a reliable, low maintenance scooter that can be used for both short and medium length commutes. Compared to the Xiaomi M365 Pro or the Ninebot ES Max, the ES4 offers similar performance, a good battery life, solid wheels, easily replaceable battery and customizable ambient lights. 


Solid Performance and Battery Life: The Ninebot ES4 provides a maximum speed of 30km/h and a maximum range of 45km (around 30-35km in real-life testing). To fully charge the Ninebot ES4, it usually takes between 6 to 7 hours in total.


Solid Wheels For Lower Maintenance: The Ninebot ES4 is unique compared to most e scooters as it comes with a solid 8-inch front and a 7.5-inch rear wheel that will not puncture and are less likely to have issues. This gives the rider additional comfort that they will have less maintenance work ahead of them and can help them save on costs over the long-term.


Easy To Replace Battery: Compared to the M365 Pro or ES Max, the battery for the ES4 is the easiest to replace. Users can simply remove the old battery, install the new one and reconfigure on the app and that’s it! The key advantage is if the battery wears out, you can simply replace the battery for a new one, instead of having to buy a new electric scooter. This makes it very cost-efficient over the long-run versus other options.


3-Second Folding With High Portability: The Ninebot ES4 is the lightest electric scooter among the three options and has the fastest folding and unfolding time, all done in less than three seconds. This makes the ES4 a great option when you need to continuously hop on and off, such as commuting to work. Additionally, the lightweight makes it easy to carry around and one benefit of the ES4 is that it can be rolled instead of carried as well, giving you multiple options.


Customizable Ambient Lights: The Ninebot ES4 with the Segway app allows you to customize the colour of your lights to suit your style and taste. Plus, the ES4 comes with four light sources (LED headlight, battery, the bottom of deck and rear) which make it easy to ride in the dark. 

Overall Verdict

From our personal experience and speaking to our customers, the Ninebot Max has the highest review - it offers high performance and long-range, 10-inch self-healing tires and a powerful dual brake system with a built-in charger, giving you, the rider, a best-in-class e scooter experience. Although it is slightly more expensive than the Pro or the ES4, the benefits you get are well worth the additional cost. 

For customers who are on a budget, both the Xiaomi M365 Pro and Ninebot ES4 are also great options. The M365 Pro is great for all situations and it’s 8.5-inch tires, high maneuverability and easy to use setup makes it great for all users, especially those considering their first electric scooter. 

The Ninebot ES4 is another great option. It’s solid wheels, high performance, easy to replace the battery and ambient lights make it lower maintenance than the other choices and a great option for those looking to balance between performance and portability.


So Where And When Can I Ride My Scooter?

We would highly recommend you to check with your local city officials to understand the laws and regulations for electric scooters in your area before riding. For customers in Ontario, please refer to our Are Electric Scooters Legal in Ontario Blog. To learn more about the other benefits of an electric scooter, please visit our other blog posts.



An electric scooter is an investment for your future. As cities begin to reopen, we believe electric scooters will be one of the primary ways people will get around.

All the electric scooters covered above are great options and it’s important you find one that fits your lifestyle, needs and preferences. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us on our live chat… we hope to see you with your new e scooter on the road someday :)

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