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At TekTrendy, we always strive to bring innovative technology to our customers. Over the past few months, we’ve had many customers reach out to us asking if there was an all-in-one e-scooter that combines most key features of the premium scooters in the market but with a better price?


From our customer feedback, we learned that customers wanted the larger tires, better braking system and comfortable riding experience similar to the Ninebot Max as well as the lower maintenance puncture free tires and customizable ambient lights similar to the Ninebot ES4. They also really liked the lightweight and sleek design that the Xiaomi M365 Pro offers, all at one budget friendly price.


As Canada’s premium electric scooter dealer, we listened to our customers’ feedback and have been working hard to offer our customers a product that truly meets their expectations. That’s why we’re extremely proud to introduce our newest electric scooter, one that is affordable and designed solely for the urban commuter - TekTrendy ES Commute.

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Overview of the TekTrendy ES Commute Electric Scooter

The TekTrendy ES Commute is the perfect electric scooter that includes the key features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max. By combining performance with portability, a comfortable riding experience, an innovative dashboard and a powerful braking system for additional safety, this e scooter is perfectly designed for urban commuters.


Featuring 25km/h top speed and 30km total range with a lightweight design that is easy to fold & carry, the ES Commute strikes the perfect balance between performance and portability needed for the daily commuter. For additional riding comfort, the ES Commute offers users 10-inch solid puncture free tires, a high performance rear suspension and intuitive triple braking system combined with a futuristic dashboard with customizable headlights.


It also comes with an app enabled smart management system that enables smart locking, self-checking system and customizable ambient lights. With its powerful 350W brushless motor with double reinforced safety lock, the ES Commute is extremely powerful and durable at the same time. One unique design feature is that the ES Commute is specially designed to fit North American riders unlike other e scooters which are tailored to more international customers. Lastly, the ES Commute features an accessible and integrated bell for signalling, water resistant IPX4 and features a zero start mode, allowing the rider to start without a kick.

Key Features of the TekTrendy ES Commute Electric Scooter

The TekTrendy ES Commute is one of the best electric scooters out there and is designed to help any user replace or complement their typical commute in Canada. Compared to other transportation methods, such as using a car, taking public transportation or biking, electric scooters can help you to be in control and choose to get around on your own terms. 


Instead of letting transit times or rush hour traffic schedules dictate your life, the ES Commute can drastically reduce your commute time, save your money by cutting down on parking, maintenance and public transportation costs!

Benefits of ES Commute Electric Scooter | TekTrendy Canada

High Performance Electric Scooter for Commuting: The TekTrendy ES Commute offers 25km/h top speed and 30km range and is the perfect electric scooter for any urban commuter. A study by the Canadian government found that an average commute to work for most Canadians is around 8.7km, which is well covered by the ES Commute. The 25km/h speed allows you to move fast while ensuring safety and compliance with the local laws and regulations. Additionally, the ES Commute can tackle tough inclines, and only takes 4-5 hours for a full charge!


10-Inch Puncture Free Solid Cellular Tires For Lower Maintenance: The TekTrendy ES Commute is one of the few electric scooters that offer 10-inch solid puncture tires, which provides a superior riding experience while having the benefit of lower maintenance costs than traditional air-filled tires. These 10-inch tires increase ride comfortability by being able to go over small obstacles and gaps much easier. The solid, cellular tire design is air-free and means you will not have to worry about a punctured tire, saving time and maintenance costs. Lastly, these tires help to increase shock absorption and have excellent wear resistance on all kinds of road conditions, giving you an extremely comfortable riding experience overall.


Intuitive Triple Braking System For Additional Safety: Unlike other electric scooters, the ES Commute comes with a proprietary triple brake system that provides additional safety guarantees for the rider and gives it a more comfortable riding experience. It currently features a disc brake, hand brake using eABS regenerative anti-lock and foot brake. This helps increase safety and makes the riding experience extremely easy for new riders to get used to, as it features a similar hand brake to bicycles, which is very intuitive to learn.


Futuristic Large Screen Dashboard with Customizable Headlights: Imagine being able to see your speed, battery life, headlight status and more all in one high quality dashboard? That’s one of the key benefits of the TekTrendy ES Commute. This ultrasound waterproof LED display offers a complete picture of your electric scooter’s key stats in one easy to read display and also is the only electric scooter in the industry that allows you to adjust your headlights to suit your own style and preferences.


High Performance Rear Suspension for Additional Riding Comfort: There’s a reason why the TekTrendy ES Commute offers one of the most comfortable riding experiences out there. With its 3,000 high performance spring, the ES Commute offers an elastic coefficient of up to 627N/mm, meaning this e scooter features excellent shock absorption and provides a very comfortable riding experience on all kinds of road conditions. 


Designed to Fit North American Riders: Unlike some other e scooter models which were designed to fit more international customers, the ES Commute was specifically designed to fit the size of North American customers. With its increased height (47 inches) and lengthened frame (19.5 inches), the ES Commute fully considers the human body standing and features an ergonomic design that gives exceptional riding comfort for any rider between 5.1 feet to 6.7 feet. 


Extremely Portable - Light and Easy to Fold: The TekTrendy ES Commute wouldn’t be the perfect commuter e scooter without being portable right? Featuring a lightweight 13kg design with an easy to fold mechanism. The light weight makes it easy to carry up stairs and over short distances. Overall, with this lightweight portable scooter, you’ll no longer have to use the bus, bike or public transport ever again as it can cover a large part of any urban commute with a single charge, which is extremely powerful!


App enabled ambient lights and smart lock: Users of the TekTrendy ES Commute also get an app enabled smart management system which allows for many features, such as locking & unlocking your electric scooter to prevent theft,  tracking your scooter’s mileage, cool ambient lights and more! 


Powerful 350W Brushless Motor with Reinforced Safety Lock: The TekTrendy ES Commute comes with a powerful 350W brushless motor, which is proven to be more powerful and will help push the range further than a traditional brushed motor. Additionally, the ES Commute also features a double reinforced safety lock with silicone protective gasket which effectively reduces friction between metals and ensures your ES Commute safety lock mechanism will last a long-time without any issues.


Other Amazing Benefits - Zero Start Mode, Integrated Bell & Self-Checking System: One stand-out feature of the TekTrendy ES Commute that many electric scooters do not offer is it’s intelligent zero start mode. Instead of having to kick off to start like most e scooters, riders can simply get moving on the ES Commute without having to kick to start, allowing them to get moving much faster. Additionally, the ES Commute features an easily accessible integrated bell, warning tail lights, IPX4 water resistant and self-checking system to ensure riders have a safe and comfortable riding experience. 

Comparison of ES Commute vs. Other Popular Electric Scooters

When comparing the key advantages of the TekTrendy ES Commute versus the most popular electric scooters in the market, the ES Commute offers riders a number of benefits customers wanted without any major downsides and all at an extremely competitive price point suitable from beginners to experts. To summarize, we’ve created an easy to read summary below:

Electric Scooters Comparison | TekTrendy Canada

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is one of the world’s most popular electric scooters and a great fit for first time users. Many of our customers loved the braking system, the comfortable riding experience, the stylish design, the easy folding mechanism and the easy to use design making it extremely easy to ride for beginners. The biggest downside is the air-filled tires, which are sometimes prone to punctures, costing more time and money to fix.


The Ninebot ES4 is a well-balanced electric scooter suitable for those looking for a balance between performance, range and portability. It is also suitable for those who are used to kick scooter since it used foot brake. Our Ninebot ES4 users loved the solid wheels which are not prone to punctures and require less maintenance, the portability and ability for the user to fold and unfold and can be rolled around, the easiness to replace battery and the ambient lights that are fully customizable to suit a user’s style and tastes. The key drawbacks of the Ninebot ES4 is that it has smaller solid wheels which leads to decreased riding comfort and making noises when going over bumps. Additionally, since the battery is easily replaceable, it can become loose if dropped a few times.


For the Ninebot Max, this electric scooter is the most popular long range electric scooter in 2020, and had the highest reviews amongst our three options. Our customers loved the ability to travel up to 65km on a single charge and the 10-inch self-healing air filled tires that lead to increased riding comfort. Additionally, the powerful dual brake system with build-in charger and overall high quality design gives riders a best-in-class electric scooter experience. The main downside of the Max is the heavier weight (42lb), making it harder to carry for daily commute and lacks portability compared to other scooter options.


In summary, our research and customer survey showed us that people prefer an “all-in-one” electric scooter, one that offers good performance, a decent range (30km+) and includes key features such as having a powerful motor, large puncture-free wheels and good suspension for better riding comfort and lower maintenance costs, is light and easy to carry, offers a good braking system with high quality design and most importantly, budget friendly.


Having a larger height and footpad for a better riding experience, customizable ambient lights to suit their own style and preferences and smart app management system were all additional features that customers said would be a plus, combined with the wish that the e scooter could have a zero start mode and self checking system. Luckily, these were all the challenges that we addressed with the TekTrendy ES Commute!

Where Can I Use My TekTrendy ES Commute?

The TekTrendy ES Commute is designed to be the ultimate commuter electric scooter, great for students, professionals and city explorers. With its lightweight and portable design, powerful brushless motor with rear suspension, 10-inch puncture free tires and futuristic dashboard, the ES Commute is perfect for any commuter.


For those who live far and typically use public transportation such as the TTC, Go Bus or Go Train, use our ES Commute to solve Your First and Last Mile Challenge!


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