TekTrendy’s Warranty Preview

All TekTrendy products will undergo a very strict quality control process at the manufacturing level. All electric scooters offered by TekTrendy come with a warranty for up to 12 months. TekTrendy has a fully dedicated support team and will be available to assist you.

Coverage Under The Warranty

The warranty up to 12 months will only cover manufacturing defaults, not faults caused by incorrect use, assembly or wear and tear. Manufacturing defects are unintended problems that arise throughout the usage of the product. In the case that any of the problems below arise, you will have our full support in getting the problem resolved. Should TekTrendy be unable to repair the scooter affected by a manufacturing defect, the defective unit will be sent back to the manufacturer for evaluation and it will either be fixed or replaced by a brand new one. Manufacturing defects include problems with:

12 Month Warranty Coverage

Controller - e.g. the scooter is not turning on or reacting correctly

Motor - e.g. the scooter experiences a sudden loss of power or is unable to reach top speeds 

6 Month Warranty Coverage

Accelerator - e.g. the throttle stops working

Battery - e.g. the battery does not hold a charge or offers no voltage discharge

Charger - e.g. the charger is overheating or taking longer than usual to charge the battery

Manufacturing Defects: Parts and labour will be fully covered if the issue(s) is determined to be a manufacturing defect. The determination of a “manufacturing defect” will be subject to TekTrendy’s support team’s discretion and will not be debatable. If determined not to be a manufacturing defect, TekTrendy will cover labour costs as a complimentary service but parts and shipping will be fully covered by the Customer. 

Please note that the warranty ONLY covers the above problems should they occur as a result of regular usage of the scooter, not including water damage or damage caused by an external force. Any excessive or inappropriate usage of the product resulting in the above problems will NOT be covered by the warranty.

Not Covered Under The Warranty

As mentioned above, the warranty will ONLY cover any issues that are determined to be a “manufacturing defect”. The warranty will NOT cover any damages that result from non-manufacturing defects, such as, but not limited to: (1) wear and tear, (2) product misuse, (3) water damage, (4) unauthorized repairs, (5) modifications to the scooter and (6) return abuse or fraud.

(1) Wear and tear are the expected damage caused by the user of the scooter throughout the course of their use of the product, for example, worn-out brake pads or punctured tires. These are consequences of frequent product usage, and the cost of repair (should there be any) will be borne by the customer. For electric scooters with air-filled tires, to help avoid ongoing maintenance costs with punctures and save our customers time & money in the long run, we offer two complimentary services:

  1. Customers can either pick up our premium tubeless puncture-free tire at our store for free or ask for shipping with their own cost
  2. Customers can drop off or ship the scooter back to us and we will fix the tire(s) and ship it back for a fixed cost of $50 per tire or $100 for both the front and back (pickup only, otherwise customer will have to pay additional shipping costs)

(2) Product misuse refers to any damages to the product that is the result of misuse and/or neglect, accidental damage, or from not adhering to the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Any damage to the scooter as a result of product misuse will not be covered under the warranty and any costs of repair will be borne by the customer.

(3) Water damage refers to any electrical issues caused by exposure to water or wet surfaces. All scooters sold by TekTrendy are rated IP54 water-resistant, which allows for use in light rain and on wet surfaces. However, this rating should not be mistaken for "water-proof". Electric scooters are electrically-powered products, so exposure to water is not recommended. Any damage to the scooter as a result of prolonged water exposure will be repaired at the expense of the customer.

(4) Unauthorized repairs refer to any repair that was unauthorized by 3rd party suppliers. Before proceeding with any major repairs, we highly recommend you follow the warranty claim procedure below and contact the TekTrendy team if you have any questions.

(5) Modifications to the scooter refer to any modification to the original product using any third party product component, accessory or software not sold and/or authorized by 3rd party suppliers. Any costs of repair as a result of modifications will be borne by the customer.

(6) Return abuse or fraud, including but not limited to, lack of invoice, discrepancies on the invoice or discrepancies in the information provided. TekTrendy reserves the right to refuse any warranty service for customers with improper or invalid documentation.

Wear and Tear: Will not be covered, available at cost to customers. In other words, TekTrendy will provide parts and labour at cost to customers for issues caused by wear and tear (such as flat tires or worn out brake pads etc.) It is in our best interest to find parts that fit customers' needs at the best cost. Please note that customers will be responsible for any shipping costs incurred for any issues due to wear and tear.

Warranty Claim Procedure

We understand this can be a stressful situation and we want to make this process as seamless as possible for you. Before proceeding, we recommend you to review the warranty guides from our third-party suppliers.

To start the warranty claim process, you can either reach us on our live chat or email us at support@tektrendy.com with your order number and a detailed description of the problem you are facing. Please attach photos/videos to help our support team diagnose the issue.