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Electric Scooters, or e scooters, are starting to become one of the most popular ways of getting around in Canada during COVID-19, especially in cities like Toronto. Popular brands like the Xiaomi M365 Pro from Xiaomi Canada or the Ninebot ES4 or Ninebot Max from Segway Canada are known to be incredibly fast, offer a long-range and make it extremely convenient to get from place to place easily.

As more people look to alternative ways of transportation in Toronto and Canada, we believe electric scooters will eventually be one of the main ways people get around in the future.

Why? First, electric scooters help save time, save money and make travelling more fun while being hassle-free. Second, looking at the popularity of e scooters in the United States and Europe, we’d expect a similar trend here in Canada, especially as Ontario announced a 5-year pilot project for electric scooters at the beginning of this year. (Please check with your local laws and regulation) Lastly, electric scooters are great for all audiences, especially for college students, young professionals, families and outdoor enthusiasts.


In this article, we will discuss the 4 ways that an electric scooter can benefit you as well as the Four Main Groups in Toronto that would greatly benefit from using electric scooters. Let's jump right in!


The Benefits of Having An Electric Scooter in Toronto

When people ask us what an electric scooter is all about, we say this: Imagine a way of travelling that comes with the best elements of a car (fast, easy to use and you won't sweat using it), a bike (maneuverability and avoiding traffic) and walking (helps to clear your mind and get some fresh air!). 


They have amazing benefits that can help improve your lifestyle and they fit a wide range of different audiences so everyone can benefit from having one.

When we asked our users how they felt when they got their first Electric Scooter, many of them had a similar experience. They thought it wasn’t for them initially, they wouldn’t see a use for it, it was too expensive, etc, etc. But if you ask people who've used electric scooters, they will tell you a different story - Electric Scooters just became something they couldn’t live without after trying it! We like to think of e scooters as the next Airpods for the personal mobility market - a trend that seemed weird at first but later became a commonplace item everywhere you go. 

Now, as a Torontonian, you may be curious as a Torontonian what an electric scooter can do for you? Easy… It’ll help you save money, save time and hassle and make your life much more fun.


1. Helps You Save Money So You Can Buy More Stuff You Enjoy

As someone who lives in Toronto, I’m sure you’d agree with me in saying that while I love this city, it sure is expensive... 

Getting a house anywhere in Toronto is extremely pricey. Renting a space anywhere close to Downtown Toronto costs an arm and a leg. And don’t get me started on the commute. Using TTC or Go Train costs an average of $10 a day to and from work or school which is made even worse by the constant delays, such as TTC delay, Go Bus delay or Go Train delay. And if you have to pay for parking or invest in a bike rack, is it even possible to save money in Toronto?

One of the reasons we always get so excited about introducing electric scooters to people in Toronto is the amount of money you can save. Let’s do the math quickly:

An average electric scooter costs around $1,000 and will last you generally between 3 to 5 years with proper use. A daily commute is roughly $10 a day, meaning after 100 days or so, you’ve already made your money back... how great is that?! Still, hesitating? Compare buying a scooter to buying a Canada Goose jacket ($1000+) or an iPhone ($1500+). Sure it has a lot of great uses, but it’s likely to keep costing you more and more money each time you have to fix something, buy more apps or upgrade to the latest version. 

Electric Scooters are functional and have a lot of great uses for the everyday commute (5-30km), which means more money in your pocket! Plus, if you use a scooter instead of public transportation every day for a year, you’ll be able to afford a new iPhone and Canada Goose jacket at the end of the year with all your savings!

Another way it could help you save is by cutting back on your Uber or Lyft expenses. A study in the US found that for Uber rides, 46% of them are generally under 3 miles (and 21% under 1 mile), which is OVERKILL for most transportation rides. Using an Electric Scooter is free, more convenient and in a lot of times, even faster (especially if there’s traffic!). It’s no wonder all of our Electric Scooters users in Toronto and GTA are happy with their choices! 


2. Helps You Save Time To Get More Out Of Your Day

Most of our customers living in downtown, midtown or North York were able to cut their commute down drastically. According to the Government of Canada, People generally are living further and further away from the city center. But no matter where you live, close or far, Electric Scooters can be extremely beneficial in simplifying your travel and helping you to cut downtime. 

If you live further away, many of our customers happily use their scooter to commute to the nearest TTC or Go Train station, carry it in then use it for the final stretch to work. If you live close, it’s a great way to commute to work that is both fun and refreshing, especially during the spring and summer months with the crisp air blowing in your face.

All our Electric Scooters have great maneuverability, so it’s easy to weave in and out of people, traffic and roads. Besides, most people don’t know this, but you can carry or roll around your scooter as you are shopping (now what other methods of transportation allow this?) - imagine how much time and money you can save by avoiding parking fees? And in case you picked up a big item or lots of items, call an Uber on your way back and put your scooter in the trunk, it’s that easy!


3. Makes Travelling Fun, Exciting and Super Stylish

Electric Scooters are a great way to spice up the way you commute in Toronto while looking great doing so. We have a lot of commuter customers and they always say how much they are refreshed and ready to tackle the day as soon as they started using electric scooters in Toronto more often. Why? It’s simple. You can change up the routes you take so you can see more of the city and explore a cool neighbourhood without spending that much extra time. You also get to enjoy the fresh air, get some important sunlight exposure and look at some beautiful sights (harbourfront bike lanes anyone?).

And if you love the attention, all our Electric Scooters are designed with minimalistic design in mind so they look fantastic. For example, our Xiaomi M365 Pro won the prestigious Red Dot award for beautiful design. Our Ninebot ES 4 and Ninebot ES Max are also built with beautiful design in mind. You can also customize many features of our scooter, such as cruise control, light patterns as well as purchasing some amazing TekTrendy accessories, so you can truly make your scooter best reflect yourself!


4. Lastly, Having An Electric Scooter Helps Make Your Life Hassle-Free

If you’re ever concerned about safety or durability, let me be the first to say… don’t worry! All of the scooters we offer are long-lasting, durable and built from reliable brands, and like our ES 4 for example, is UL 2272 certified, meaning it has undergone rigorous tests with proper care. And instead of a lot of other devices, Electric Scooters are generally low to medium maintenance and the battery charge lasts 500 to 1000 charge cycles, which is about 3-5 years of regular use.

Some of our users will bring up rental scooters. First off, we have a dedicated blog that talks about some of the benefits of buying your own versus renting. Plus, rental companies have started to pivot to monthly rentals versus per mile charges, which honestly defeats the whole purpose of renting.


So What Types Of Users Are Best Suited For An Electric Scooter?

In Toronto, we think four main groups would benefit from Electric Scooters. They are 1) College Students, 2) Young Professionals, 3) Families and 4) Outdoor Enthusiasts.

From the ability to help save money, save time and hassle and make it a fun way to travel, Electric Scooters are the fun, eco-friendly means of transportation to whizz past annoying traffic jams in the populated city that is Toronto. 


College Students - Commute Around Campus With Ease!

There are two main ways (and a thousand other ways) that Electric Scooters can be useful: 1) Going to the school itself or 2) getting around campus that much easier! If you live near campus, simply scoot to classes or lecture or scoot to the nearest TTC or Go Bus stop with ease (this also means TTC delays and Go Bus delays won’t affect you!). On-campus, you can scoot all around campus with ease to pick up groceries, drinks or maybe that late-night snack after a hard day of studying! 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about storage as it sports a compact, foldable frame that allows you to easily stash it in your home, residence or underneath your desk in a classroom. 


Young Professionals - Start Your Days Relaxed And Refreshed

As a young professional living in the Greater Toronto area, it’s difficult to take the TTC or Go Train anywhere. A typical day would usually involve commuting to work. Going to a gym. Picking up groceries after work. Visiting friends. Electric scooters offer fast speeds, have a pretty good range and are easily foldable, so you can pack up and carry around super easily.

That means no more waiting for the TTC or Go Bus, only to find out about another TTC Delay or Go Bus Delay. No more having to Uber from place to place to get stuff and visit friends, only to see a huge charge in your credit card. With the cruise control feature on the Electric Scooters, it makes it extremely easy to travel to where you want to go with ease. 

In addition, you don’t have to worry about storage as it's compact, foldable and can be easily stashed in your office or home and can be brought on to public transportation. We’d recommend the ES Max scooter, as it’s ranked one of the best scooters for commuting, especially if you have a long commute or don’t have an easy place to charge as it features a built-in charger


Perfect For Families, Especially During Family Trips

One thing I always love is visiting small towns on a road trip or going to a cottage and exploring the local sights. If you have a car, great! Getting an Electric Scooter in Toronto still makes perfect sense because it makes sure you are fully covered for any short, medium and long-distance trips. While it’s certainly possible to do long-distance with an Electric Scooter, we recommend using it for whenever you want to get somewhere local in a fast and convenient way. Scooter is the best way to explore the local sights. It's also hassle-free by avoiding the need for parking spots so you can manage your trip more easily.

A user actually tested this with a Honda Accord, and even the Ninebot Max (which is one of the largest and most powerful electric scooters in the market today) can be fit in and will also fit in most car trunks.


Elevate Your Adventure, Your Outdoor Enthusiast

Lastly, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, we think having an Electric Scooter will be a great addition to your Toronto life! It’s convenient, super flexible and maneuverable and will get you to your destination super easily. Want to go for a hike or visit the local area in a national park? Use the scooter to get you there, lock it up and enjoy your adventure!

Another great benefit of living in Toronto? There’s a massive bike path that goes all across the city! With the smoothed out bike path and the lack of pedestrian traffic, it makes riding an Electric Scooter that much easier as you can just go on the bicycle paths and get to whatever destination you want, in the blink of an eye!


Final Thoughts

Electric Scooters are the future and we absolutely sure that Toronto will one of the biggest beneficiaries of that. No matter if you are a College Student, a Young Professional, a Family or an Outdoor Enthusiast, Electric Scooters will always be beneficial to you. We have also included a complete guide to electric scooters to give you more information about the revolution of electric scooters.

From helping you to save money so you can buy more stuff that matters to you to saving time from annoying things like the TTC Delay, Electric Scooters are the hassle-free method of transportation that is also extremely fun, convenient and will help you be in a much more positive mood while helping to save the planet.

Thank you for reading and we’d love to hear any suggestions or feedback you have. Leave your comments below on what new blog you think we should write next?

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